Kintsugi Edinburgh

Handmade pottery is unique. Even when made in batches, glaze flows differently on each and every piece. It’s like with humans, everybody is different. And then, when one human being choose own mug or bowl, they start to share their story. Mugs are traveling with their owners, serving them faithfully. They are silent witnesses of tears of joy and sadness, of big arguments and come backs.

And sometimes, like their owners – they brake.

Very often it takes long time to heal, but with patience and relentlessness healing process can be done. The same like with us.

And as we should not try to hide our scars as they are part of us, we should also not try to hide a story of our faithful companions. Mugs, bowls or plates.

“Yes, I am broken, but I am whole!” – Jeff Foster

Kintsugi Edinburgh came to life after exploring traditional craft of repairing broken pottery. I constantly explore human nature, analysing question of trauma and process of healing and how art like Kintsugi can be helpful with understanding ourselves. Our emotions, triggers, habits and safety mechanisms. By combining process of repair with poetry I aim to create a contemplative space that hopefully will help people in need to find relief in everyday struggle.